NFL Handicappers

Best NFL Handicappers in the World

The National Football League provides a pool of opportunities for insightful individuals to make money through betting. There is a winning side to betting that is only explored by those with the right information at their disposal. Quality picks from qualified handicappers have helped many individuals reach their financial goals and scale their betting endeavors to a higher level.

Today, the NFL is considered as one of the hardest sports to handicap, why? Because of the amount of information available on each of the 32 teams.

NFL Handicappers are individuals armed with the right amount of experience, training, and foresight to make accurate predictions that serve as reliable picks. While utilizing picks from a handicapper can be quite profitable, finding a qualified one can be a hassle without the right guidance.

While some handicappers provide reliable and profitable picks, many others are not worth your investment.

NFL Handicappers

The betting industry is constantly evolving, this continuous change provides an opportunity to cash in profits for those who stay updated with current trends. The most successful handicappers have been known to stay ahead of the trend curve, these are the handicappers we will be highlighting in this article.

Betting isn’t just a game. With many details to consider, statistics to account for and research to carry out, handicappers are perfect alternatives.

With your hard-earned money on the line, the main goal of a qualified handicapper is too happy you secure profits on the majority of your stakes. Nobody wants is to lose their money to an unexperienced handicapper. Our main goal is to help you avoid that.

The best handicappers have built their reputation with high success rates, helping their clients secure huge amounts in profits within a reasonable time frame.

Today, the superb services of the top NFL handicappers have found its way to your doorsteps, you can finally take advantage of the opportunity and become one of many goal getters. Our list of the best handicappers has been compiled with very specific ideologies and standards. These guidelines can be summarized into the following:

  • Quality picks delivery
  • Long term betting experience
  • Affordable package pricing

The above listed form the foundation for identifying a unique and qualified handicapper. However, giving you the best value for your investment is our overall goal. For this reason, we considered a more specific set of factors in compiling this list of top NFL handicappers.

Why Choose Best NFL Handicappers

Our Method For Identifying Top Handicappers

Impressive track record of our NFL Handicappers

Records of a handicapper provide real insights on the capabilities of a handicapper. Although they aren’t expected to have a 100% win rate, there betting system and overall profit margin are in the positive. Successful handicappers in this industry earn this type of reputation from a good number of years’ inexperience.

Unlike many handicappers that come and go in this internet age, this gives them extra credibility for their long-standing quality service delivery.

The journey to being a good odds maker can be a long and depressing one with the process of trial and error taking the major part of your investment. This is where experienced handicappers come in.

Many handicappers have started the same journey but have failed to pass the test of time. It goes without saying that without the appropriate results and portfolio to prove performance, self-proclaimed “experts” cannot rise to the top NFL handicappers.

Rates and Pricing

We compare their rates to various competitors. Are they charging more for the same picks? Do they have a lower success rate but charge the same anyway? These are important factors we look into. Paying a high amount of money to a handicapper makes it even harder to turn a profit on your bets. The aim is to help you make a profit with reasonably priced and affordable picks.

When it comes to choosing the right picks, the result’s potential is rarely determined by its pricing.

From our experience, expensive picks do not always deliver the best rewards. Success in your betting is all about the handicapper’s ability to carry out detailed research and arrive at precise results. The handicappers on our list pass this test.

Customer service

Another important factor we put into consideration is the nature of a handicapper’s customer service. Having a customer service number you can call to ask important questions before or after you purchase your picks is very important. This is why we also look out for handicappers with fast and reliable customer service systems. Dealing with an anonymous or faceless business online without any support system is never an advisable move.

Credible handicappers seize every opportunity to prove their expertise and credibility while the shady individuals desire to stay anonymous.

Having confidence in your investment is very important, therefore, we have taken out time to provide you with a list of credible professionals that will help you reach your desired financial goals.


When picking our top handicappers, one important thing we look out for is how they make their picks. Our knowledge of the methods they utilize gives us an understanding of why they make certain choices and get their picks. They don’t have to give an intense breakdown, certain factors are looked out for and handpicked.

Asides strategies that may be unique to a handicapper, they are general strategies that are utilized by every experienced handicapper that we look out for.

Picks should be made on statistical information regarding team performance, analysis of players, and history. Proof of utilizing this general protocol is often one of the essential criteria we look out for.

We ignore the hype

While some handicappers can be quite successful, we stay away from options that offer unrealistic promises of profit. Making a lot of money within a short time frame sounds awesome right? Results however in most cases speak differently. Years of experience working with handicappers help us to identify handicappers that truly know the game.

It has become a common trend for buttered up ads with fake promises to under perform and cost you your money.

When it comes to handicapping, hype trains don’t have much to deliver in terms of tangible and profitable results. We have carefully selected our handicappers for their ability to help you achieve realistic financial goals.

Who Can Benefit From Our List Of Top NFL Handicappers?

No matter your financial knowledge or background, this list has been compiled to help you increase your win rate and profits. Time they say it precious, for this reason, we have done the hard part to give you this comprehensive guide.

Therefore, if you aim to create your luck and secure more wins, this piece of content was made with you in mind.

There is no better time than now to take action and carry out the necessary steps to purchase quality picks from an experienced handicapper and place profitable bets.

Position yourself for growth by utilizing the help of experts and reducing your betting risk and maximizing your profits potential.

Top 5 NFL Handicappers

Jeff alexander

When considering the best handicappers, the numbers don’t lie. Jeff Alexander has provided numerous profitable picks and predictions over the years and he continues to scale higher. He has made his client a good amount in profits, proving himself and his picks to be a profitable investment opportunity.

His picks are real deal-breakers and worth the investment. Would you like Jeff to handle the hard part while you bag your profits? Here’s your chance to cash in on his strategies and increase profit margin.

Jeff has had a fair share of wins and losses over the years. However, he always comes through in producing positive results. His consistent results since 2013 has helped him secure many loyal and happy clients. Click here to check out Jeff alexander or buy his guaranteed picks and begin your journey.

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Jack Jones

Jack Jones has positioned himself as of the big players when it comes to quality NFL picks. He is an experienced handicapper that utilizes strategies that consist of effective procedures. His strategy is essentially a combination of match up breakdowns, game analysis, potential added motivation, and other technical factors.

The importance of having the right information at your disposal, especially in football betting cannot be overemphasized.

He has been actively engaged in the industry since 2016. Jack Jones has helped many of his clients achieve their financial goals by utilizing carefully researched and analyzed picks. He has dedicated his career to researching and observing the NFL world.

Do you want to benefit from one of the best in the industry? Jack Jones is offering you an opportunity to take advantage of his awesome picks. Check here to learn more about Jack Jones and his picks.

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Dennis Macklin

With NFL as one of his strong points, it is no surprise that Dennis comes out at the top. He has shown some amazing results over the years that provide his expertise in the craft.

According to stats, 90% of sports bettors fail to make a profit in betting sports, this handicapper comes out at the top as one of the profitable experts to invest in.

Dennis has shown his clients how his strategic and relentless approach to sports betting can produce positive results. His strategy entails guidelines that help him make disciplined and informed decisions.

Do you want to achieve better results and higher profits? This handicapper will give you outstanding results within a reasonable time frame.

With over five years of experience, he has established himself as a well-known and successful NFL handicapper. Click here to check out Dennis Macklin now or buy his guaranteed picks.

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John Martin

John Martin is a handicapper with an impressive win-loss ratio. He has risen to one of the best industries for his ability to provide quality pick for his clients. He is known for providing quality customer care support and has earned himself a lot of positive feedback.

Your prospects for profitability and growth can be guaranteed and increased in the hands of an experienced and capable handicapper.

Sports betting has been practiced by John since 2016. From the NFL to college football, you can expect to receive reliable advice and picks on sports betting from John Martin. He is one of those unique handicappers talented in the art noticing and utilizing the small details that cause the biggest impact.

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Jimmy Boyd

Like many successful handicappers, Jimmy Boyd devotes himself to the extensive analysis and study of the game. His picks are rated has top-notch quality. Taking your bankroll to a whole new level can be made easier with the help of this expert.

With his strong work ethic and a desire to succeed, Jimmy Boyd continues to help not just himself but also others to succeed.

For Jimmy Boyd, sports betting and picks are more of an art he has dedicated his life to mastering. With his picks at your disposal, getting consistent results can be more of a reality than a daydream.

Jimmy Boyd continues to provide exemplary results and you too can take advantage of his expertise. Providing amazing results is a characteristic of top handicappers, Jimmy is one of them. Click here to check out Jimmy Boyd or buy his guaranteed picks.

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Helping you grow and increase your profits margin is our overall goal. There is no better feeling than seeing your financial and life goals unfold in reality.

Your NFL betting is about to get more interesting and profitable. More Details What is Handicapping?

We are committed to providing you with the best opportunities that guarantee results. Getting the best value for your investment is very important. Optimizing and significantly reducing your betting risks will help make higher profits. With this guide, getting your next quality picks will become less of a hassle.